Get SnapHappy with SnapChat

As the days go by, the conversations around SnapChat seem to increase ten-fold across the world of PR and marketing, but why now? And how can brands tap into this fruitful community in the most effective way. Time for us to explore this question. Why here, why now? Snapchat… Read More

A New Day for New Media

In an exciting move for journalists and PRs alike, a new print newspaper launched this week, the first standalone daily newspaper to be introduced in the UK for 30 years. Launched by Trinity Mirror, the New Day newspaper comes just after the Independent announced plans to… Read More

To Tweet or Not To Tweet?

Was anyone really shocked by the news earlier this month that Twitter’s user numbers stalled in the final quarter of 2015? With the ever increasing popularity of other social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, and brands such as Burberry even beginning to see their potential, surely it was… Read More

The Creative CV, Should You Risk It?

Unconventional CV’s and career pitches are becoming somewhat of a trend in recent years. From that guy standing at a City tube station, with a billboard advertising his job search and copies of his CV to hand, to the most recent effort from university student Connor Peters – who’s uploaded… Read More

What Clients Want

Another day, another brief but what do you do with it? Far too often agencies take that brief and agree with it without any real consideration. They don’t take the time to simply think about it, or really understand the sector or business problem that is being presented. If as… Read More

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