Our newest recruit tells us what it’s like to get her first job in PR

16th February 2017

Fresh out of university, you’re hit with the pressure of deciding what you want to do with the rest of your life. My response was to try a bit of everything and start to cross off what I didn’t want to do! I first went into post production, but for someone who can’t even work Photoshop, the technical side wasn’t for me. From there I tried advertising, I found myself enjoying the stunt advertising aspect the most. I decided this was definitely a route worth exploring. I loved the thought of coming up with creative ways for people to get excited and involved with different brands. I was able to start interning for different PR companies, and luckily I was referred to Alfred.

From my first day at Alfred I was thrown straight into the deep end, phoning up journalists and organising events (as opposed to the usual photo-copying I was used to). Alfred was the first company to trust me with more responsibility, I really started to see what life in PR was actually like.

Now I’m getting to work across amazing clients doing genuinely exciting work. From selling in bespoke photo printing company CEWE PHOTOWORLD for Christmas gifting, landing coverage on the Guardian, Telegraph and Independent online, to supporting the organisation of the biggest VFX festival London has ever seen! I’ve never experienced a culture quite like Alfred’s, everyone is fun and relaxed but dedicated and producing innovative work. To keep us inspired we also have ‘Workfits’ like #TakeTuesday, working remotely from anywhere you’d like, a museum, coffee shop or even your couch! It truly works, not only do you feel productive but I get to skip my hour long commute!

I’ve already learnt so much from my time at Alfred, its great to be around inspiring people, who genuinely love what they do.

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