Making Movements: #001 – make a statement, but deliver action

28th April 2020

The brand purpose revolution has driven many businesses to change the way they think, and shift from simply standing for profit, to defining how else they can positively impact society. Although defining a purpose is a great step forward, this isn’t enough.

There is growing sentiment, as many brands either truly or fakely communicate their purpose, from consumers, stakeholders and partners for brands to take action. Not only should they stand for something bigger, but deliver action that shows they are genuinely committed to the purpose they portray, and are backing it up through business wide activity beyond marketing and communications.

As the world is gripped by the Covid-19 crisis, the aftermath will amplify the current trend driven by multiple stakeholders, that businesses need to do more than make money and say they are good… but show what they are doing to positively contribute to the world.

Stakeholders of all types, from consumers, shareholders, to team members and the community, will be demanding action from brands, to fulfill their purpose, and not simply say they have one. 

Nike have shown this through numerous actions, not only do they drive for equality in sport, but they are calling out and publicly supporting players that have been racially abused. This is something others can learn from, as they are not just running numerous internal/external initiatives to drive inclusion, they are activists when the world doesn’t align with their values they are committed to as a business, and community. 

This is true band purpose, with action.

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