25th June 2015

Last week, we were proud to see two members of the Alfred team comment on a very topical feature on PR Week, discussing the merits of flexible working.

Our co-founder, Gemma, commented on the need for modern-day PR agencies to offer flexible working opportunities to staff members of all levels, otherwise the industry will continue to run the risk of losing brilliant talent. Gemma also explained how Alfred has embraced flexible working, offering staff members daily flexible hours and the opportunity to work from home, as well as hiring certain people into part time roles. Gemma was the only agency head to comment on the story, with other positive stories of flexible working coming from in-house PRs.

Gemma Pears

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 15.38.54

It was then onto Dany, our musician-cum international dad-cum-Account Manager. Dany featured as a case study, talking about why he chose an agency that offers flexible working and how it allows him to enjoy his other passions… his family life and his band. Dany makes use of the daily flexible hours to share the nursery run, and often works extended hours in order to then take long weekends and head off on tour with his band.

Here at Alfred, we believe in being leading, not following, the rest of the industry. This mantra really comes to light with our flexible working opportunities, as unfortunately the industry has a pretty bad rep when it comes to allowing PRs to build a career which complements their personal life, rather than totally dictating it. We think it’s nicely summarised in this great quote from PR Week’s Ian Griggs…

“But when will the experience of those who work at Alfred become less the exception and more the rule for the industry?”

Check out the great PR Week feature here.

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