The Suns out, the bollys open, it must be Alfred’s big THREE!

6th June 2016

It’s happy Monday indeed today, as the summers arrived and we’ve cracked open the champagne, to celebrate Alfred’s third birthday. The last year has been another fantastic one for the team with a stream of new client wins, some fantastic work, new team members and just last week, the launch of InCrowd, Alfred’s very own influencer search and selection platform

Fear not though, in spite of the hard work, we’ve also managed to find the time to celebrate with a whistle stop tour of some of our favourite Shoreditch haunts last week.

First off on the list – bubbles and darts at the new place in town FLIGHT CLUB! Well new-ish, it’s true we’ve failed miserably for the last few months to actually secure a board to play (it’s so super popular!), but we finally made it.

Now the first rule of Flight Club is… don’t talk about Flight Club… or at least don’t talk about how you destroyed the boss at Flight Club – which our very own Holly will not be mentioning to our not-at-all-competitive boss, Dan…of course! Not only did we discover our love for Boomerang but we all also discovered Lauren is a secret darts pro getting the only bulls eye of the night.

We then moved on to an amazing multi-course celebratory dinner at the Ace Hotel, followed my more bubbles, masses of fine wine, and a few too many tequilas.

Happy Birthday Alfred!

Happy Birthday

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