1st March 2024


As a PR professional, I’ve always been passionate about giving back to the industry and fostering diversity. That’s why when I had the opportunity to participate in the Taylor Bennett Mentorship Scheme, created to encourage graduates from an ethnically diverse background to pursue a career in PR and communications,, I was really keen to get involved. 

Over the course of six months, I had the privilege of mentoring an ambitious mentee, eager to carve out their path in the dynamic world of PR. With my mentee being a university student with very limited knowledge on the PR space, the mentorship was not just about imparting knowledge; but also exploring the various avenues within the field.

From an initial meet-and-greet session to set up clear expectations and goals for our partnership to regular communication over email, I was able to establish a strong foundation with my mentee and gauge an understanding on where they wanted my support. Through open communication we created tailored sessions which covered a variety of topics from the basics of PR, to showcasing the various areas of opportunity at Alfred as well as sharing a bank of PR resources and websites to help expand their knowledge.

Professional development was at the heart of what my mentee was looking for, therefore I exposed my mentee to the broader industry landscape. From having our HR team provide constructive feedback on her CV, to collaborative tasks where we discussed why certain campaigns were successful, I had the opportunity to encourage them to think creatively and strategically. 

A key part of my role in the mentorship was transparency. By sharing my own experiences and offering first person insights into the PR world, I was able to provide valuable insights that helped my mentee navigate what direction they wanted their career to go in. Together, we have not only worked towards their professional goals but also contributed to the larger mission of elevating diversity in PR.

The Taylor Bennett Mentorship Scheme is not just about individual mentor-mentee relationships; it’s about driving systemic change within our industry. As a mentor, I am grateful for the opportunity to play a small part in this transformative journey and encourage others to become a mentor for not only personal growth but to help support the next generation of PR’s and ensure diversity within our field. I look forward to staying in contact and supporting my mentee with the next stages of their career!



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