From concept to reality – CEWE Photoworld are the latest Santa’s Little Helpers!

15th February 2017

After a successful year working with CEWE Photoworld and broadening their PR activity, we performed an analysis of the Christmas market ahead of their busiest gifting season. Our insight was that mums weren’t making Photobooks due to a lack of time. We also knew that they’re not reading weekly magazines and papers anymore.

To tackle this problem we launched the CEWE #SantaService campaign, allowing shoppers to hand over their photos to CEWE designers, taking the leg-work out of the Photobook process. We had to think outside of traditional media in order to spread the message, we announced the campaign via Instagram, a platform that has huge reach with parents.

Targeting our core audience of mums as gifters, we thought what better way to engage parents then to harness the power of peer-to-peer recommendation using Insta-parents? Working with 8 targeted ‘Insta-parents’, we created a month’s worth of content, following their journey through the process.

Working with the likes of Peckham Mumma, Ginger Mum, London Dad and Tiger Lily Quinn, the social campaign boomed. In total reached over 191,900 Instagram users who generated massive traffic to the Secret Santa Service page alone. Also, during the two week social activity period our campaign grew CEWE’s Instagram channel by 185%.

To spread the word we also built a news research story looking at Christmas shopping habits, hitting target media running in print from The Mirror to The Scottish Sun to online outlets from Yahoo to Belfast Telegraph. With ¼ of mums listing a personalised Christmas gesture at the top of their wish lists, we put our orders in early!

Just looking through pics of my boys and I love this one. I’m put together a stunning glossy CEWE photobook from @CEWEphotoworld for my parents this Christmas. They live in Scotland and don’t get see all of the magic we do with the boys and usually I’m rushing around, too busy to send pics, so this will be a real treat for them. I don’t think there are many gifts more precious than memories. It can be hard to find time to sit and create bespoke gifts as we head into a crazy busy Xmas run-up, so CEWE has launched a #SantaService which makes it super quick for us. All we have to do is upload pics, choose size and paper and their designers will do the rest for us. I have a lovely code for you all which will give you 8 glorious extra pages in any book you buy from CEWE’s #SantaService this Christmas, simply use code ***** GINGERMUMCEWE **** to boost your book! Are you planning to personalise this Christmas? #santaservice #spon #christmas

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I’m sure I can’t be the only one that takes millions of photos but never gets round to printing any! I have so many photos I LOVE of Oscar (like this one from summer in Broadstairs where he just had SO much fun) and I keep getting the irrational fear that I’m going to lose them all somehow, so I’m going to pull my finger out and get some in real form at last thanks to the lovely people at @cewephotoworld. They are helping lots of busy mums and parents keep their best memories by making a photo book for them with their new #SantaService. All you have to do is upload your photos, select a design and they do all the rest! I’m giving it a go this weekend and will report back, but in the meantime if you want to get started on one you can use code YMMCEWE and you’ll get 8 extra pages for free! Happy memory making! ????

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