Campaigns that caught our eye in 2022

  It has certainly been a busy year for the PR & comms industry. During a rollercoaster twelve months, brands have had to be bigger, bolder and more impactful than ever, while staying sensitive to a nation going through tough times. We’ve asked our team to share… Read More

The Week That Was: Entertainment – 24/05/19

The Iron Throne Well, that was… unexpected. Has there ever been a more divisive finale? The final episode of Game of Thrones took ‘water cooler chat’ to a brand new level with tens of millions of tweets and quite heated debates in households, offices and anywhere in… Read More

The Week That Was: Social Media (08/02/19)

Over ¼ of Brits believe Facebook will launch a banking product A recent study showed that over one quarter of Brits believe that Facebook will launch a banking product by 2023. This comes alongside service expansion from Amazon, who launched a physical grocery store in… Read More

The Week that Was: Social (01/01/19)

Peeping Tim Apple has disabled its Group Facetime feature after a serious bug was discovered. Users were able to turn on video without calls being answered. Too many trolls! Aides of the Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge are seeking help from social… Read More

The Week That Was: Entertainment and TV (01/01/19)

Bo Peep’s Back For A New Toy Story 4 Teaser Disney revealed the character’s new makeover in the newest poster and video clip for the upcoming movie, Toy Story 4. Bo Peep who usually wears her trademark dress and hoop skirt is now sporting a… Read More

The Week That Was: Social Media (18/01/19)

Egg post poaches Kylie Jenner’s world record A stock photo of an egg has become the most ‘liked’ post on Instagram after receiving over 40 million ‘likes’. The account, @world_record_egg, now boasts more than 7 million followers after challenging users to help them… Read More


A study has found older people are more likely to spread fake news A new study by researchers at New York and Princeton Universities found that people above 65 are more likely to spread fake news on Facebook than other age groups. Although the study hasn’t… Read More


Why modern lifestyle are wrecking our children’s gut health As we enter 2019, one health issue on the media’s radar is our gut health. This week we heard it described as ‘the second brain’ affecting our mood, immune system and general wellbeing. New research… Read More


BAFTA NOMINATIONS 2019 The Favourite continues its journey in the awards season sun, leading the BAFTA’s with 12 nominations including Best Film, Best Actress (Olivia Coleman), Best Supporting Actress (Both Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz) and Best British Film amongst many others. Following from the… Read More


Tesco beats Christmas retail blues Tesco has emerged as one of the winners of the Christmas period, reporting its best growth in nearly a decade, while other major retailers such as John Lewis and Marks & Spencer suffered. To the surprise of analysts, Tesco’s chief executive,… Read More


Shared Netflix accounts and passwords can now be tracked down with new AI software. A UK software company has developed an AI programme to clamp down on people who share their Netflix password with family and friends. The video software provider Synamedia unveiled the new AI-powered… Read More

The Week That Was Games (07/09/18)

From Superman to Geralt of Rivia – Henry Cavill takes title role on The Witcher Netflix series It has been announced that Henry Cavill will be weilding silver and steel as Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix adaptation of the hugely popular series of Polish novels and games:… Read More

Alfred Loves The Oscars

Who can believe it – it is coming to the end of awards season already with the 2017 Oscars this Sunday night. Last year brought us Leo finally winning his first Oscar for Best Actor and Spotlight picking up Best Film. But who should win this year? There has been… Read More

Alfred Previews Payday 2: Crimewave Edition!

Here at Alfred we love a good game launch, and last week we hosted the first hands-on for the upcoming Payday 2: Crimewave Edition for UK press, bloggers and YouTubers. Coming this June 12th to PS4 and Xbox One from 505 Games, Payday 2: Crimewave Edition sees one of… Read More


This month saw YouTube turn 10 years old; it now seems almost impossible to remember a time before videos went viral and our inboxes and social media feeds were filled with the latest ‘MUST WATCH’. So, to honour its special birthday, we’ve taken a look back over some key YouTube… Read More

Alfred Shortlisted at PCRA Awards!

We’re a whooping and a hollering in the office today, as it’s been announced that we’ve made the Shortlist for ‘New Consultancy of the Year’ at the PRCA Awards. WOWEEEE!!! After an incredible first year we’re delighted with the news and this is just another opportunity to… Read More

Flexible Working In Practice

This week the CIPR revealed a new report looking at flexible working hours in the PR Industry, the crux of it being it’s an absolute must do. After a hearty debate in the office, here’s our tuppence worth… It’s in many ways ironic that flexible working is still… Read More

Alfred Loves… Happn

Move over Tinder there’s a new matchmaker in the Alfred office. Happn is an app invented by 3 Frenchman, which allows you to find people you’ve crossed paths with. Whether you’re on the train, at work, at a restaurant, at a club… Happn lets you discover the people… Read More

Alfred Loves… Heat-waves and storms

Us Brits LOVE talking about the weather, as a nation we can’t get enough of it. It’s particularly exciting when the weather deviates from the standard, especially if say (shock horror) a heat-wave should occur in British summertime, not the obligatory washout we have become accustomed to. Read More

The Magnificent Maleficent tumblr

For the past six weeks, as part of our first theatrical campaign for Disney’s smash box office hit, Maleficent, we’ve been creating and managing a daily evolving tumblr. Jam-packed full of exciting official film content and bespoke beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts created for us by… Read More

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