Digital Empathy: Making Content That Sticks

Creating content that stirs the soul and moves the heart isn’t just a matter of luck; it’s a craft, an understanding that what we share can either touch lives or pass by unnoticed. When social media shares fuel algorithms, apathy is the adversary that content creators…

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Alfred 2023 Q2 Review: Celebrating Triumphs, Innovations, and Growth

As we entered the second quarter of 2023, we celebrated a significant milestone – Alfred’s 10th birthday. It reminded us of our continued commitment to inspire brands to be a force for good, reflected in our mantra, #MovementsNotMoments. Q2 saw us achieving a series of groundbreaking milestones, from launching…

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Threads, The Twitter Killer

Before we dive headfirst into this digital yarn, let’s clarify what Threads is. It’s the newest creation from Meta, the artist formerly known as Facebook, whose rebranding makes it sound like it’s fumbling through a midlife crisis. “Say more with Threads – Instagram’s…

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