Alfred’s Day Out With Vin Serento

21st April 2015

This month we’ve been working on a spoof version of the Fast and Furious franchise, from the makers of cult hits including Epic Movie, Date Movie and Meet The Spartans – not to mention it’s from the same guys who wrote Scary Movie!


After our first screening of Superfast!, we resisted the urge to race our chairs around the office, and got our thinking caps on for some appropriately silly ideas for the DVD release. Inspired by how outrageous the film was, poking fun at the hugely successful Fast franchise for its over-the-top stunts and lengthy racing scenes, we thought it would be a great idea to custom build our own souped-up wheels. But this was no souped up car, rather an er… shopping trolley! Why not?

Modelled largely on our leading character, Vin (see what they did there?) Serento, and his very own ten-second car, our trolley wouldn’t be complete without the main man at the wheels, so we drafted in our own Vin Diesel look-a-like.


With its bright green base, some animal print faux-fur handles and hot pink wheels, our very own Vin took his outrageous wheels for a spin, shopping in the local supermarkets of East London.


Stocking up on baby oil (for those pecs), some nappies (for Vin Diesel’s newly born baby) and of course his very own Superfast! DVD, the trolley race brightened up a rather dull, cloudy day, and certainly drew some surprised looks from passers-by. Check out our Vin cam and see them get into the Superfast! spirit, posing for selfies and asking Vin for a spin on his trolley, in this coverage on Zoo.