Alfred Wins Global Press Office Account with the Freestyle Football Federation

3rd March 2016

The Freestyle Football Federation, the world governing body for the sport of Freestyle Football, has appointed us after a three-way competitive pitch. We’re tasked with supporting the continued growth and raising global awareness of both the Freestyle Football Federation and Freestyle Football Ltd. (FFL), the private holdings company that operates to manage and commercialise the rights of the Freestyle Football Federation. In order to do this, we’ll be targeting sports, business and lifestyle trade media and global news outlets to continue growing commercial interest in Freestyle Football.

Freestyle Football

Freestyle Football is a fusion of tricks and skills with a football, along with music, dance and the arts. Worldwide, Freestyle Footballers operate under the slogan, ‘All You Need is a Ball’. Members span 93 countries, with the Freestyle Football Federation being the official body to promote the sport. The aim of the Federation is to ensure Freestyle Football is accepted as sport in it’s own right and as a lifestyle choice for young people. The Freestyle Football Federation also promotes the importance of Freestyle Football as a tool for social development and to deliver education, as well as a recognised component of natural football skills development. Freestyle Football Youtube content receives an average of 100 million views and month and in 2014, 154 million people tuned in live to Chinese TV networks to watch the Freestyle Football Beijing World Tour event!

Freestyle Football

It’s safe to say, we’re really excited to be working with the Freestyle Football Federation and FFL., there is an incredible story to tell and the opportunities are endless. With the Euros on the horizon, plus a calendar of amazing global Freestyle Football events in the pipeline, we’re looking forward to a busy and exciting time ahead.

Check out the full announcement on PR Week and Gorkana News.

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