Alfred through the eyes of our intern

19th August 2016

With summer being to university students what an escaped python is to a zookeeper (long, expensive and surprisingly easy to miss), I realised that I couldn’t afford to waste another break playing excessive amounts of video games and making the difficult journey to and from the fridge. After all, there’s still plenty of time for that at Christmas, Easter, weekends, evenings, bank holidays, sick days, and Stephen Fry’s birthday.

So I put some feelers out. Oh goodie, I think. Here comes a couple of months of shredding paper and trying not to make eye contact with the boss…

… At least until I realised that there was a legitimately good company who were happy to take me on. Admittedly, Alfred London would’ve been a delightful prospect whatever the case, purely on the basis that I wouldn’t have to spend yet another job cutting onions until my eyes collapsed into powder; but when I found out that the company was actually fun to work for it was hard not to whimper a small, apologetic prayer in startled relief.

Because Alfred is fun. It’s relaxed, it’s productive, and they’re doing some genuinely interesting work as they expand into new ventures. Hearing about InCrowd for the first time was one of those forehead-slapping “why on earth did nobody do this already” moments, and the company has a client list that’s slightly more varied than the average colour wheel. I’m only glad I could help out.

Think of it like this – the enjoyment of the day couldn’t even be diminished by the two-hour commute on the horror that is the London Underground. If that’s not a bona-fide miracle, I don’t know what is.

Joel Franey (who you can read more of at joelfraney.com, plug plug, etc)

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