Alfred Loves…Videogames at the V&A

24th October 2018

The Alfred team levelled up and spent some quality time together at the V&A this month for its exhibition dedicated to the creation, culture, and innovation of videogames: ‘Design/Play/Disrupt’ .

Gaming veterans will instantly recognise a number of the titles you encounter, from the meditative Journey and infinite universe of No Man’s Sky, to the hardcore disciplinarian Bloodborne and fun-loving Nintendo title Splatoon. However, as Britain’s first exhibition of significance on the subject, the finished products are not the stars here – but the painstaking development processes and ways in which games can be influential, unite players, reflect myriad cultures from across the world, and be the subject of heated political debate.


The exhibition was split into sections focusing on: Behind the scenes, industry topics/case studies, and alternative interactive experiences. There was plenty for us to delve into, as it provided content that would sate the desires of the seasoned gamer and capture the curiosity of those who have witnessed the gaming medium from the sidelines. As a team formed of people with a variety of interests and backgrounds, there was something here for everyone!


The daring, convention breaking indie titles and makeshift arcade were particular highlights, as we lathered up a hunk (to his delight) in Rinse and Repeat and split into two teams for The Breakup Squad; three of you must prevent two friends from getting back together at dangerous locales such as the infamous house party – who will succeed??

Design/Play/Disrupt is at the V&A until Sunday 24th February, get your game on while you can!


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