Alfred Loves… The Boat and Goat Race

11th April 2014

Last Sunday, Alfred got into the competitive British spirit by spending the afternoon in Putney, cheering on two quintessentially English towns – Oxford Vs Cambridge at the 2014 Boat Race.


The choice was tough, support Oxford with a Navy flag, or go for Cambridge and wave a slightly lighter blue flag! Having no particular allegiance to either, we stood at the edge of the Thames shaking both flags with glee, admittedly enjoying the music pumping out of the local pubs and sampling the delicious BBQ food a little more than the race itself. This was partly because the actual event was a blink and you’ll miss it kind of affair, although we found out later that Oxford won!


Meanwhile, over on the East side of town another member of the Alfred team was having an equally glorious time at the Goat race, fast becoming as popular as its Thames-based rival! For those unfamiliar, this event sees two goats – one named ‘Oxford’, the other ‘Cambridge’ – take part in a dash around the Spitalfields City Farm.


East or West London, whichever side takes your fancy, we certainly recommend spending a Sunday afternoon supporting home – grown talent (whether it be in human or animal form!). Both events entertaining in equal measure, although we may sway slightly towards the latter, purely for its comic value!


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